Appointment FAQ

How do I make an appointment?
If you know which artist you would like to work with, find them under "artists" and see if their books are open through their website/Instagram.

If they are open, send an email directly to that artist or fill out their booking form if provided. If you do not hear from them, they are too busy or there is an artist better suited to your idea. You can also try next booking.

If their books are closed, please wait until their books open again. Emails will not be answered or saved when books are closed.

What if I don't know which artist I want to work with?
We encourage you to look at each artists work through the links under the "artists" page to decide.

Will you do traditional, neo-traditional, solid/large scale color work or my own design?
Our artists portfolios are a reflection of what they do, their abilities and interests. We are a custom (no copying of other artists work or your own drawing), contemporary black-work shop. Please seek those styles elsewhere at several shops in the city.

How far in advance does everyone book? What if I am visiting in a few months?
Our artists usually only book month to month. Contact them the month previous/close to the time when you arrive. Please check the "events" page to see which resident artists will be at the shop upon your arrival.

Can I get a  flash piece if their books are closed?
Usually you can.  There is available flash for viewing at the shop. Look under "location" if you do not know our address.. If there is a piece you are interested in, contact the artist directly to check availability.

Do you take walk-ins?
We are mainly a custom shop and while we do take walk ins occasionally, if you stop by, we cannot guarantee someone will be at the shop. We encourage you to call or email in advance and try to give a couple days notice. There are books of flash available at the shop for viewing and ideal for walkins.

How much are your deposits? What are your rates?
A deposit to book a tattoo/reserve flash is $100. This goes toward the total cost of your tattoo the day of your appointment. Flash pieces are a flat rate, subject to change if resized.

Our rates are between 150-190/h 

Do you take debit/credit?
We are cash only. Please factor in the cost of GST (5%) for your total. There is a bank across the street.

What should I wear/bring?
Loose, comfortable clothing. Consider where the tattoo is going: do not wear tight pants if you are getting a thigh piece. Bring water, snacks, eat a full meal beforehand and get a full night's sleep. Come sober and do not drink/ do substances for 48 hours prior to your appointment, and after as well.

Will I get a drawing beforehand?
Due to the volume of work our artists do, they do not make designs far in advance. Do not expect a drawing beforehand. They work according to priority. All their work is custom and in their style. Be sure you are comfortable with the artists work before booking. Alterations/adjustments can be discussed in person.

What if I change my mind? Can I get my deposit back?
If there is not more then 48 hours notice, your deposit will be forfeit. If the artist has designed your tattoo already, you will not receive your deposit back. If you request more than 2 revisions to the tattoo designed for you an additional drawing charge of $50 must be paid. If dissatisfied, you will otherwise be recommended to other artists so you get the work that you want and your initial deposit will not be returned.

Where are you located?
485 Main Street in Vancouver, BC. 

Do you get guest artists?
Yes! We have artists from Canada and internationally guest at our shop. Check under "guests" for upcoming artists to book with them in time!

Do your artists guest spot?
Yes they do. We have posted upcoming guest spots for this year under the "events" tab. Announcements are made on Instagram usually one month in advance.

Will they tattoo flash pieces more than once?

What else do you have for sale at the shop?
We have original artwork for sale at the shop, as well as perfumes by lvnea - Parfumerie Botanique (pure plant perfumes and botanical apothecary) and individual artist prints will be made available shortly.

 What if I am concerned or forget what they told me?
Contact the shop directly at the above tab.

How do I find the resident artists work?
This can be found under the "artists" page with direct links to their portfolios and websites.

How do I heal my tattoo?
Keep bandage on for four hours roughly, remove, rinse in shower with diluted unscented soap, pat dry NOT rub, apply unscented plain lotion immediately. Apply lotion twice daily or when dry, clean 1-2 times a day, wear clean clothes, sleep on clean sheets, keep animals away from the wound. Do not allow scabbing and do not pick. After flaking, it will settle and be smooth within 3-4 weeks. Do not take baths, swim in pools/the ocean, go into saunas or hot tubs, have tattoo exposed to sunlight during healing or take long, hot showers over the tattoo. Once healed, apply sunscreen on hot/sunny days.

If wearing second skin: keep bandage on for 4-5 days if tattoo if only dot work or line work. If tattoo is shaded heavily or has solid black, keep first piece on 24 hours, remove under warm water in the shower/or with oil, clean with unscented soap, pat dry, apply second piece, keep on for 4-5 days. Repeat removal process. Moisturize if a little dry. Most of the healing will be completed. If an allergic reaction occurs, remove the bandage immediately and heal traditionally (above).